Sharing words, dreams, visions are not always the easiest step to take. We’re often plagued with self-doubt and insecurity, “Will people look at me differently once they know what’s inside of me?” I’ve asked myself this question a million times over. As someone who looks for the gem in a bookstore, scours the aisles in search of finding the unsung hero, I have decided to set aside time to devote to others words. Not only do I want to find those gems but I want to tell others about them as well! There is nothing small about honesty and encouragement. It’s something I believe most of us are missing but all of us desire.

So, if you’re up to it, hop along the ride with me as we search for truth, heartbreak, fairytale endings, historical accounts, and more. I’ll be reviewing manuscripts through several online avenues and encourage you to look into these artist’s work. Let’s build a culture of encouraging others as we take a step of bravery, vulnerability, and the rawness that accompanies the human heart.

For those interested in having their work reviewed please read below:

I am currently accepting review requests and should there be any concern I may have about your manuscript I will email you directly. For inquiries and submissions please email
I am so looking forward to sharing your art, heart, and work with you and so many others!

All my best, always